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Why did I not re-queen?

I have tried to breed my own queens in order to control the gene pool and get decent, productive bees. I usually re-queen any swarms that I am asked to collect for the same reason. Last year, however I did leave two swarms alone. The little, late swarm posted about last year which is fine. Another one is not so good. It is not well behaved, and was one of the first to attempt to swarm this year; so lesson learned! Re-queening required in future!

Summer’s here

It’s June, the sun is shining and it’s warm enough for another batch of queens to mate. And I’ve extracted the first of the honey. 🙂

I am getting regular calls about bumblebees and my advice is the leave them alone to go about their business and they are unlikely to cause any problems at all.

However, if you poke them with a stick, they’ll react. Otherwise they will disperse in the autumn.