Archive | July 2014

Swarm doing fine

So the swarm was housed on foundation; most of it now drawn. Fed – just a little bit – and moved to an out apiary. Behaviour is excellent. There’s 7 frames of solid brood with few holes indicating that the queen mated well and there’s stores around the top of each brood frame. As we say in Norfolk, Bootiful! 🙂

Swarm arriving

I don’t see too many swarms – either my own or others – most calls I get are about bumblebees and I try to control mine as much as possible. I did lose a small swarm – after a new queen had been laying for a short while she buggered off! Another colony swarmed but the clipped queen has been saved and is now happily laying again.
However me wife was surprised to find bees entering and leaving an old hive which was at the side of the shed. I had seen bees ‘sniffing around’ it for weeks. Finally a swarm had arrived and took her unawares as she crouched down next to the hive!
I have checked that it’s not one of mine; and there’s a large unmarked queen in there. However due to the problems mentioned previously, she might not be around for too long!