Archive | October 2014

Summer’s over

After a glorious September, the bees have posted a ‘Tanks Full’ message outside their hives – well they would if they could! Ivy and some Himalayan Balsam honey has been coming in by the bucket-full so all hives are full and ready for winter. 5 frame nucs are now 8 frame nucs and I’ve had to remove frames of stores to give colonies room; with the queens squeezed out of laying space in some boxes. The double brood boxes are also full to bursting and there’s been a strong ivy honey aroma around the apiary for the best part of September. As we move into October, the weather has cooled so the bees can prepare for winter now. Varroa treatment was finished some time ago – mostly with thymol but some have had MAQS.

Hive inspections have ceased – there’s just a couple that need attending to – where some mini-nucs have been united for example.