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Varroa treatment

varroa-damaged-droneIt’s odd that the authorities in the UK have disallowed Apiguard in tubs but you can continue to buy it in the foil trays. Anyway with a mixture of Apiguard and some Apilife Var my colonies have been treated. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, one colony didn’t do what it was supposed to do in that the apiguard didn’t work. Roll on a few weeks and a double brood hive was reduced to a 5 frame nuc. Dead and deformed brood in cells and not many bees left. It can happen rather quickly – just a few weeks. Nothing to do with CCD or anything like that. No need to write to the press. Just varroa and a beekeeper who assumed that they would be OK. I should have checked earlier and I didn’t. I noticed that few bees were flying compared to other colonies. Shows that studying the entrance is worthwhile. Varroa treatment has been applied again and frames of brood given from stronger colonies in the apiary. Hopefully I have done enough for them and they will get through winter OK although I give them only¬† a 40% chance. The picture is of a drone with deformed wings. He will definitely not be able to fulfill his duties as a gentleman of the hive!