Spring again

It nearly feels like spring is here – or its very close at least. This means that it’s the time of year that calls come in for nucs. As we only have a limited number available as we only use our over-wintered queens, they usually sell out quite quickly. Summer queens won’t be available for a while yet!

About browstonbeekeeper

A Norfolk Beekeeper. Breeds bees that make honey. Contact details on the www.norfolkbee.co.uk website. :)

2 responses to “Spring again”

  1. Peter says :

    Hi. I opened my the only hive today and it seems queenless. There are no eggs or larva and loth of honey. I wounder if its possible to purchase queen this early in the spring.

    • browstonbeekeeper says :

      Hi Peter, apologies I won’t have any spare queens available until May/June. Provided your colony has not got itself into being laying workers, you may be able to find an importer of queens who could help. Although I would personally prefer to have local queens. (If you have a queen that’s not laying at least she should stop the bees from becoming laying workers which will give you a little time).

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