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End of season

So the end of September gave our bees a good rush of ivy – both pollen and nectar and colonies that were marked as ‘light’ became full in just a week or so. And in October we had a couple of days of 20 – 22 degrees, so that very late supercedure queen might well have gotten mated. Something to check for next year now as it’s too late to open the hives and mess about with them. I now have too many colonies for winter – with  the addition of three I am looking after for someone and a late cut-out from a concrete box over a gas pipe in someone’s garden. That seems to have transferred to a nuc very well and I am hopeful that it survives winter. Until March the bees will be left alone apart from a heft to check stores levels from time to time and a treatment of oxalic acid in a couple of months’ time.