Spring and Nucs

I usually find that after a cold spell around the middle of February, spring is well on the way. So it has been the case today as bees have been flying in the sun.

All the nucs have had flying bees which is encouraging although it’s too early to open them and see what’s happening inside.

We have already received enquiries and orders for nucs for availability in Spring and it will be waiting-list time soon; on one hand some people who have provisionally put their name down will decide not to go ahead with beekeeping. On the other, some nucs may not be suitable – perhaps there is excessive chalk-brood in the colony for example or a queen has failed over winter. Not that common but it does happen. Here’s the website page…   http://www.norfolkbee.co.uk/queen-rearing/nucleus-colonies. We reserve nucs on a first come first served basis so if you are interested, then please contact us!

Many Thanks


About browstonbeekeeper

A Norfolk Beekeeper. Breeds bees that make honey. Contact details on the www.norfolkbee.co.uk website. :)

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