Nucs and snow

Many thanks for the enquiries we have received concerning nucs for spring delivery. We generally have little winter mortality but you can never be sure so the early enquirers are sure to obtain a colony – the later ones go on a list on a first come first served basis. Any orders that cannot be fulfilled can perhaps be supplied by new 2018 queens later in the year. (We do not import queens!)..

As I write the weather is -3C and it’s windy with snow drifting. We all hope that colonies will be snug in their hives and will survive for the few days until the “Beast from the East” leaves us.

Now is the danger time for colonies because:-

a) It’s cold

b) Colonies are possibly at their smallest now before spring build-up.

c) There’s a risk of starvation towards the end of winter.

Snowdrops and crocus are out but at the moment bees are unable to fly and get the fresh pollen they need for good brood-rearing. Here’s hoping for a swift return to more usual weather!


About browstonbeekeeper

A Norfolk Beekeeper. Breeds bees that make honey. Contact details on the website. :)

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