Ping and you’re gone.

Changes and disaster can come from a most unexpected quarter.

Consider a number of hives at the edge of a field and the bees are doing their stuff, unaware that a farmer is also doing what he does too. Suddenly the hives are catapulted in the air (possibly) and /or knocked over. What seems to have happened is that the plough caught a fence-wire and drove off. The wire must have gotten taught as the tractor moved away and then the posts snapped off which must have hit 5 of the first 6 hives as you can see. Even the end-post with diagonal supports in the ground snapped like a match-stick.

WP_20180413_17_26_44_Pro (2)

As a result of all this, the end hive super is now upside down in front of where it should be and the brood box is upside down with frames askew and a house-brick on the frames and behind hive 4! Others are up-ended or knocked over. The wire fence is diagonally across the field and the end beehive from the other end of the line of hives can be seen in the background.


And the tractor drive said  “I think I knocked over one beehive – I don’t quite know what happened” As a result 4 of the colonies are OK. The end hive – a little miffed whilst I put it back together – is now queenless. I suppose it could have been worse!

For those who study such things, there is a mixture of hives on show. Nationals, a couple of 8 frame boxes, one upside down –  and a couple of nucs.







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A Norfolk Beekeeper. Breeds bees that make honey. Contact details on the website. :)

One response to “Ping and you’re gone.”

  1. farmyardfriends says :

    Hi. Simon here from church farm. That looks nasty. Hope they are recovering ok. I had one late swarm that didnt make the winter. I was out cycling the other day when i noticed a front garden full of bees in Browston. They are looking pretty strong! Much further ahead than mine 😀

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