Warm weather please

We are continuing to receive calls and emails from beekeepers who are either  starting out or re-stocking after a difficult winter for bees. Some earlier queens of mine have mated and are now laying and I have a bunch that just missed the warm weather and are waiting to fly for their nuptuals.

The problem of being near the coast – and I say it (complain of it) every year – is that it is often several degrees warmer inland. I see the weather forecast and it’s 22 degrees 10 miles away and 16 degrees at my coastal apiaries as a result of a cool wind from the sea. I have had to discard queens in the past as they became past their “mate-by” date. If we don’t see some good weather soon I may have to do it again 😦

However I have sealed queencells that are a few days of distributing out to nucs and mini-nucs so more are coming along.

And a reminder of the colour coding for marking queens which runs in a 5 year cycle. This year it’s red as shown by the 2013 queen.



About browstonbeekeeper

A Norfolk Beekeeper. Breeds bees that make honey. Contact details on the www.norfolkbee.co.uk website. :)

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