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Summer Honey

So, the honey has just about come off now and we are in the process of treating for varroa. With brood in the hives Oxalic Acid is not suitable so our usual product is thymol based treatments – either as Apiguard (Why did they stop selling it in buckets?) or Apilife Var. Neither of these should cause any resistance in the mites, although it does stink and will taint honey. I am not a fan of chemical treatments such as Bayvarol or Apistan as mite resistance develops. Amitraz based treatments are now widely available, and it’s assumed that mite resistance will build up with this product too.

August is a month of very little forage so some colonies – especally nucs – are being fed to get them up to strength for winter.

Honey will not be as much as last year which was a bumper crop for many, I guess I would describe the season as ‘average’ – but I’ll know more when the process has finished and I do a count-up.WP_20180714_07_36_20_Pro (3)